Friend Account FAQ

U-M Friend Account Frequently Asked Questions

I forgot my Friend Account Login ID (also called Username).  How do I find it?

  • Your full email address is your Friend Account Login ID.

I forgot my Friend Account Password.  What do I do?

I just got my Friend Account Login ID and password. How do I login to the II Fellowships and Grants portal?

  • Go to the portal at: and use the U-M Log-in link at the top of the page to start your login process. Enter your Friend Account ID and password in the login screen.

My Friend Account is locked.  How do I get it unlocked?

  • Incoming Graduate Students: Please contact Rackham Admissions at or 734- 764-8129 with your full name, email address, and UM ID number (if available).
  • Recommenders: Please email

I'm a recommender; I see only applicant tasks and I don't see any recommendation tasks when I log in with my Friend Account.

  • It's very likely that the email address that you used to create the U-M Friend Account is different from the email address that the applicant used to send you the recommendation request email.  It is critical that the email address used to send the recommendation request matches the email address that you use to login exactly.
  • Please verify the email address to which the recommendation request was sent, and create a new U-M Friend Account if necessary.